Maxing it up

Boughey has become the first UK haulier to place a significant order for Michelin's new X One MaxiTrailer tyres. They have so far been specified on 100 Montracon and 30 Schmitz trailers. The new 455/45 R 22.5 tyres, which use Michelin's Infinicoil architecture, have a 120mm-wider track and 35% more rubber in the compound than Michelin's XTE2 tyre. This, says Michelin, allows them to deliver 50% more mileage.  

"We are happy to try new things, just so long as they look and feel right, and these do," says group fleet engineer Paul Brimelow. "We felt comfortable with the product and Quinton Tyres was happy to support it." He says although Schmitz was already familiar with the Maxi-Trailer tyre, Montracon had to make some alterations to the trailer in order to accommodate it.

Although it is too early to determine whether Michelin's durability claims are true, Brimelow is so far happy with the performance. "We have some positive comments from the drivers, and haven't had a failure yet. My only concern is how the wider footprint will cope with scrub." Boughey specifies Michelin's XDN2 Grip tyres on the drive axles.

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