Reducing our environmental impact

Our mission is to fit as few tyres as possible for our customers.

That might sound like a strange statement for a tyre company, but we focus on extracting the maximum possible life from every tyre, from first fitment to disposal – usually over hundreds of thousands of kilometres in service.

We ensure that 100% of the tyres that we dispose of are either recycled or treated in a manner which minimises environmental harm.

We know we save lots of rubber for our customers because we actively regroove and retread their tyres – often several times during each tyre’s lifetime. Many suppliers claim to regroove and retread tyres, but many get missed. We take huge pride in having some of the highest regroove and retread rates in the country.

And once a tyre has reached the end of its life, we work with trusted recycling partners – with more than 95% of every worn casing being re-used, in sports and playground surfaces, road construction and as fuel for cement kilns.

As part of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation these processes are independently audited.