Quinton's environmental policy is to minimise the impact of the use of tyres on the environment. We ensure that 100% of the tyres that we dispose of are either recycled or treated in a manner which minimises environmental harm.

Quinton's philosophy is to reduce the number of tyres used in the industry by selecting the best products and ensuring that the tyres last as long as possible, through re-grooving (extending life by up to 25%), then re-molding where possible.

At the end of their useful lives, tyres can then be either "crumbed" and the rubber reused in applications like athletics tracks, childrens playgrounds and road surfaces; alternatively they can replace fossil fuels used in cement production. As part of the ISO 9001 accreditation these processes are independently audited.


Tyres are designed to last in the toughest of environments.

Land filling or burning tyres for energy has limited prospects as environmental authorities are acknowledging the need for greener alternatives.

Some tyre dealers now provide a free tyre recycling service.

Rubber flooring and packaging manufacturers are just two of the industries that utilise recycled tyres far more than they have in the past with the help of the tyre industry.